If you troll the fashionable Internets as much as we do, chances are you’ve stumbled across these two finely dressed gentlemen and wondered who the heck they were. It turns out they’re two fashion-loving Afropolitans based in London.

Shaka is cheap viagra online a

n artist and photographer and cheapest propecia uk Sam is a fashion stylist. So where did they get their impeccable style? “My father was a tailor, so I had my first bespoke suit at the age of 5

like most African kids did; this was Sunday attire,” Sam recently told the Sartorialist.

Pic via StreetFSN by Nam

Pic via GQ

Pic via Guerrisms

Do you love Shaka and Sam yet?




  1. September 30, 2013  5:07 am by Thando gift tshabalala

    Wooow! I saw sam and shaka for first time in my life satdae nd i ddnt knw abt em bt i've 2say those 2gentlemen gtta style nd i wuld lv 2tyk pics wit em..the're my insipiration nd my future style whn im dne wit ma studies

  2. February 25, 2013  7:26 am by MsK

    Cool, I saw them at NY Fashion Week last year and wondered who they were :-) Great styling!

  3. December 11, 2012  7:09 pm by Imari

    Love the style ..sort of old school British Ras meets nu AfroPop...I would live to do some photos with you..

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