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megawatt smile and of course those guitar strings, Tats Nkonzo has very quickly become one of South Africa’s favourite comedians.

Nkonzo has come from being a contestant to hosting one of the country’s biggest rea

lity shows. He first made an appearance as a top 24 finalist on South African Idol, then showed his funny side as a finalist on the first season of So You Think You’re a Comic. This year Nkonzo became the loveable host of South Africa’s Got Talent. Nkonzo has since carved a niche for himself as a singing comedian. Every week he sings South Africa’s political and social ups and downs in a regular feature called the morale index on the hit news satire show Late Nite News with Loyiso Gola.

And now he’s headlining his first Comedy Central Africa gig. This week, Nkonzo will see his name in lights with Comedy Central Presents Tats Nkonzo Live at Parker’s. Nkonzo and his guitar will be flanked by some of South African comedy’s stars. The man known as the Flying Dutchman, Afrikaans comedian Hannes Brümmer has been a member of Joe Parker’s Improv Express since 2005 and will be one of the acts on stage. Actor and radio presenter Darren Maule will reprise his stand-up mic on the night along with the rising comedy star who is fast becoming known for his one liners, Eureka Nkese.

To celebrate with the singing comedian, we asked Nkonzo to compile a playlist of the five songs that have become the soundtrack of his life.

Casanova – Celsius
I was in a duo at school, Celsius. My friend played guitar, I sang. We wrote this song and it was really good. Everybody loved it. I still have friends who sing it back to me to this day.

Mr. Wendal – Arrested Development
The first rap song I ever memorized. This song got me into hip-hop, which got me my street cred throughout primary and high school.

The theme song from The Terminator
Best soundtrack ever. Forget Mufasa dying in Lion King, I cried when Arnold went down into the hot larva in Terminator 2.

In This Moment – We Will Worship
I was listening to this song when I decided to resign from my job and become a full-time comedian.

The theme song from Martin
Martin Lawrence was the guy who introduced me to funny. I loved the show and the song made me happy. Before the show aired in South Africa, I’d never laughed that hard in my life, ever.

See Comedy Central Presents Tats Nkonzo viagra 100mg Live at Parker’s at Parker’s Comedy Club in Johannesburg on Wednesday November 27 at


Want to be part of the live audience? To win tickets to the gig, just leave a comment on our wall telling us just one of the songs from your life’s soundtrack!




  1. November 28, 2012  5:03 am by Mpho

    One of my life soundtracks would be Donny Hathaway, A Song for You. It was a song that my father loved. He passed away nearly 10 years ago now and I was very close to him. Its very poigniant for me as it incapsulates such amazing memories of childhood, makes me feel close to him and makes me miss him so keenly all at once! But am greatful for it!

  2. November 27, 2012  6:41 am by Leonard

    If I had a convertable and a lot of muscles u would see me singing Vanessa Carlton's A thousand MIiles "Makin my way downtown walkin fast faces pass and im homebound". But unfortunately I dont so I was bumping my head all the way through the hard teens with Dead PRez - HIp Hop (Its bigger than a ......).

  3. November 27, 2012  5:47 am by Jocelyn

    Tats!! me and my friends would love to see you live tomorrow night and we're students so winning tickets would be awesome so here is one of mine:
    Toto - Africa for me because it was played at my uncle's funerals and he was a big role model in my life made me choose to study medicine today.

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