A couple weeks back I wrote a piece about how the major record labels in Africa are (finally) starting to seek out talent north of South Afr

ica. Labels like the partnership Sony Music Africa has with 360 entertainment company Rockstar4000. They’re rolling out the campaign around newest signees Kenyan Xtatic and Ugandan Keko. They’re female and they’re rappers so naturally, the term ‘femcee’ is being bandied about in their press communications.

Both their new videos are lead singles for albums due out early in 2013.


initial thoughts are so far so Toya Delazy-meets-Missy Elliot. Hopefully there’s more remarkable material down the line .


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  1. November 8, 2012  1:52 am by Alec Lomami

    that Keko song is everythang!

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