Guest post by Sheba Anyanwu aka “the Eccentric Afropolitan.”

A few days ago a friend of mine cautioned me in referring to Tiwa Savage as a ” Pop Princess.” She said Tiwa's age was more befitting of queen than princess. It made my mind pickle a little. Perhaps we could crown a queen amongst ” THEM ALL” , these pop princesses and soul queens riding gallantly through Nollywood.

With the steady rise of Afro pop music that appeals to a mass culture ( Nigerian), it is worth considering whose game of thrones it is, and who is going to be beheaded, hung and displayed amicably for the hungry masses. Whether it's zooming shots of luxurious vehicles that scream opulence ( I HAS IT) accompanying overhead fonts, Nigerian pop has grown vibrantly from an unnoticeable baby to a screaming infant with dynamic (epileptic inducing) videos, leotard and bodice painted women who seem to be popping it way harder than Beyonce, I had to stop and ask if anyone was paying attention, so as the chosen one I took it upon myself to compile a list of my favorite Nigerian pop princesses, here’s who and why:

*It is worth it to note the heavy influence of european techno and house music on African music.*


Through the online grapevine, she has been fondly crowned as the ” Nigerian Lady Gaga” (I don't know who I feel bad for between the two) However, it is debatable whether Goldie is a talented singer or naught. Her voice is constantly accompanied by sharp and almost painful auto tune making it hard to come to terms with what it really sounds like. One thing is strangely certain, her music videos are worth penning a letter home to your momma. It's been hard coming across a music video by Goldie that isn't applaudable, with the exception of her first bouts in the industry.

Case in point, her soft whimpering tune ” Don't Touch My Body” and her newest ” Say My Name”. Who gets the credit here? We honestly don't care. The creative direction of her music videos almost makes the question of her talent unnecessary. Clarence Peters and every other director she has worked with have been

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able to create a personal brand for Goldie, and this gives her an edge as a pop princess. I would be lying if I said I had a Goldie Harvey song on

my iPod, but that's really my overall point .

Okay I had to say this, Goldie we need you to behave yourself on Big Brother. Your approach for the last few days has not been fit for a princess such as yourself:

* ahhhhhhh…… ahhhhhhhh…. ahhhhhhh*

Who doesn't like Tiwa Savage?? *brings out smoking gun* No seriously. I came home one day and a friend dropped a link in my Skype inbox and I was sold. I bought this pill without regrets. Although her first video was plagued with comments like ” copying Rihanna” ” Too old for this shit” ” Dressed too provocatively.” Tiwa Savage flicked her 22-inch and told everyone to keep watching…and we did. Nigerian pop was a train wreck without Tiwa. She brought sexy, clean and creative. Not only is she an amazing songwriter and singer, she brings her own creative flair to the industry. We can't place the crown on her head or the scepter in her grasp just yet.. someone else.. a usurper is on her way. Now that Tiwa is signed under Mavin Records, we hope to see what they can come up with for her career cheapest cialis trajectory, her background is not to be toyed with as well, she's actually trained for this.


You know how a new phone makes it entrance on the tech scene? And its breakthrough is hyped by press release statements like ” game killer” “phone of the year” or most notably ” Iphone killer”? Well, you get my point. Signed to Storm Records and making a bold entrance on the scene with “Kilon Poppin,” Miss Jaie is definitely one to watch, the vocals on her are daring. There is something about her that screams sensual without it being overtly sexy…it resonates as sleek and calm. “Kilon Poppin” is a seriously catchy tune, one to get ladies feeling like they have some clout in the club. I have always thought, for an artist to emerge on the scene, the video has to match the hype of the song, and this is very evident with ” Kilon Poppin”, the song is an instant hit.

There's a lot of hoorah these days about pitting women artists against each other, and why we should not do that and so forth, but the truth is, even if we don't do it, the industry woul d. There is only one throne, and they all cant sit on it .