Zimbabwe-born, UK-raised Tanya Mushayi aka nikko frikko is a 24-year-old surface and fashion designer. Having dropped out of her final year of uni in Huddersfield she left everything behind to pursue her dreams in Africa.

Tanya started a retro-inspired print clothing line by the name of Tanya Nefertari. Nefertari meaning Beautiful Companion. It's clothing for people who aren't afraid to stand out. For women and men who want to feel and be treated like royalty, who do not follow fashion trends but are able to express their own individual style.

On her style Tanya says:

Having grown up in Manchester I remember from a very young age being laughed at in school cause I was always drawn to bright colours. I would always get “oh lovely coat Tanya but you do realise we're in winter right” everytime I'd wear the brightest orange coat in my closet when the skies were grey outside.

Even in university and college I'd get in trouble for designing the most outrageous and brightest concept, sculpture or print known to man. In my defense one day I explained in detail why I love colour when I had to justify to a British tile company why I'd designed a bright print for their usually muted tile collection.

I told them I'm African and colour is what makes me who I am. I feel depressed wearing sombre and sad colours. The brighter the colours and bolder the print? The happier I am and the closer to Africa I feel.

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Day one: I wore one of my dresses from my collection running errands. I needed to wear something airy and light. I call it the Kaftan tent dress. I love “test driving” clothes I've made to see if they're practical enough for everyday wear.

Day two: I wore one of my hand made Queen Nefertiti vests paired with a textured waistcoat and Italian linen pants.

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Day three: I bought the dress at a sample sale in Manchester, I'm happy in knowing I'm probably the only one on earth with this dress. I wore it to go to an informal business meeting. I paired it with my textured waistcoat to break up the colour on the dress

Day four: I wore this look cause I was going for lunch with my mother. She dresses louder than me so for me to not be outdone by her I wore one of my loudest print designs (the high waisted trousers) and paired it with a customized vest and my vintage B52 white vintage bomber jacket. The John Lennon silver rimmed glasses finish the look.

Day five: I wore one of my print blazer this Friday for a afternoon tea party I'd been invited to. It was a hot sunny day so I wore an all in one 3/4 jumpsuit paired with cut out leather heels. The yellow beads I added to the purple for the contrasting colour block look.

“AfriPOP! What I Wore This Week” showcases the styles of the different African fashionistas worldwide. Our fashion junkie of the week will showcase what they wore going about in their daily lives; from a work day to a night out on the town! We are highlighting the fashion-forward, eclectic styles of those that look beyond brand names to focus on a personal style and aesthetic.