We head back South this week to Cape Town to capture one of the city’s major fashionistas.

Carlinn Meyer is the person behind the fashion blog Superficial Girls where she shows off her girly and flirtatious style for all to see. Her style has been featured in Elle South Africa plus her blog recently came in second in the SA blog awards for fashion.

As winter sets in in South Africa, Carlinn takes us through her outfits this week. Enjoy what this South African fashion maven has to offer in our “What I Wore This Week” feature.

Day 1

[nggallery id=73]

Day 2

[nggallery id=74]

Day 3

[nggallery id=75]

Day 4

[nggallery id=76]

Day 5

[nggallery id=77]

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“AfriPOP! What I Wore This Week” showcases the styles of the different African fashionistas worldwide. Our fashion junkie of the week will showcase what they wore going about in their daily lives; from a work day to a night out on the town! We are highlighting the fashion-forward, eclectic styles of those that look beyond brand names to focus on a personal style and aesthetic.


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  1. April 18, 2013  2:57 pm by EMA

    These are all such great outfits, and my fave is definitely day 4!


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