Nothing gets me excited quite like a good piece of cinema on Africa. I was delighted to come across two projects we’re really rooting for at the moment. The best part is YOU, us…we can all can help these budding filmmakers tell their stories.

First up is Boneshaker by Frances Bodomo about a Ghanaian family that takes a trip to a tent revival church in Louisiana to cure their violent daughter (played by Beasts of the Southern Wild actress, Qhuvenzhane Wallis) of a spirit. It takes place on the Louisiana delta and in a makeshift deliverance ministry & deals with themes of home, migration, immigration, and alienation.

“It’s my most personal film to date,” filmmaker Frances Bodomo says. “It is a powerful, cinematic film about trying to be connected to your roots when you are far from home (basically being disconnected from home).”

Watch a clip below:

BONESHAKER TRAILER from Frances Bodomo on Vimeo.

Click here to help Frances fund her film

Next up, and across the world, filmmaker Amirah Tajdin and her sister Wafa Tajdin explore love and race in Walls of Leila about a Cape Malay woman who falls in love with an African-American man. Set in Cape Town, South Africa, Leila must now decide which is most important to her, love, family or religion.

Watch a clip below:

Click here to help the Tajdin sisters make their film.

Now, off our soapboax we go. Won’t you join us in supporting these two films?


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  1. May 5, 2012  12:44 am by African Mami

    This comment is so damn unrelated to what ya'll are asking me, eyiiiii!!! South Africa's ROAAAAADS are damn SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGZY!!! Shiiiiid,the infrastructure there is bonkers, I might just have to move thurrr!!

    Now carry on!

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