Young, up and coming South African photographer Zanele Jamjam took us on a fashion tour of Long and Kloof Streets, the fabled ‘spine’ of Cape Town where the world walks, and you can watch the beautiful people from everywhere. Step into any boutique, gallery or cafe in this busy district and you’re sure to find something unique, colourful and inspiring. From designers who call Cape Town home, such as Michelene and Alexandra Hojer, to the now US-based Thulare Monareng, this street is a fashion lover’s delight and offers a glimpse into what makes the city so much fun.[nggallery id=1]


Production and Fashion: Luso Mnthali
Photography and Maquillage: Zanele Jamjam
Models: Vimbiso and Dumisane
Shot on location in the Company’s Gardens, Hadeda Arts and Crafts, and iKhaya Lodge, Cape Town




  1. May 27, 2012  5:46 pm by mpho

    well i dnt give a demm!!! wt you think Not impressed i like the photos

  2. April 8, 2012  5:36 am by Luso Mnthali

    Hi, "not impressed" how are you? Are you better than you were that day? I hope so. What would you like to see on our fashion pages? This fashion spread was actually produced by me, Luso, and I have been taking street style photos of Capetonians for a couple of years now. These are the designers with shops in well-known Cape Town hubs. So many in Cape Town have been wearing their clothes. If there's something you particularly didn't like let me know, we can talk. I like to hear people's opinions on style and fashion. Perhaps you'd like to go see Capetonians in their various style settings over at my street style blog Enjoy.

  3. March 29, 2012  6:53 pm by not impressed

    No way does this capture Cape Town flavor. FAIL!

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