Brazil is hosting the its Nollywood Film Festival, The “Bem-vindo a Nollywood” Film Festival, starting today in Sao Paulo.  The guest of honor at the event is the award-winning director Tunde Kelani with the festival showing a retrospective of nine of his films.

The first festival of its kind on South America,  it will formally introduce Nigerian films to Brazilian audiences and contribute to establishing the industry on the international stage.

“The list of nine films selected for the Festival are important because the films are valuable not only to the Yorubas in the homeland, but especially to Yorubas in the Diaspora, who despite 200 years to 300 years of slave-trade, have remained true and close to the culture,” Kelani said of the festival.

Brazil has a strong black culture in Bahia that has held onto and evolved many of the traditions carried over by captured slaves from West Africa.

If you happen to be in Sao Paulo in the next nine days, check it out!


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