One Nigerian Boy

One Nigerian Boy was launched by top blogger Terrence Sambo. He started blogging as a hobby to pass time, but eventually used this platform to collaborate with the Nigerian menswear label, Homegrown. He started with 50 limited edition tees that came in black, white, blue and brown with “ One Nigerian Boy” written in vibrant summery colors”. Having named the line after his blog Sambo says, “ I chose the name one Nigerian Boy as it best reflected the state of things and intent of the blog. It was going to be just one Nigerian boy with a deep love for fashion and the arts sharing things he admires and fancies with the world.” Sambo plans to expand this line by adding polos, blazers and shoes in collaboration with three new Nigerian labels. He will continue collaborating in order to build his own label as well as to other talented African designers the attention of his 120,000 visitors.  -

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2bop clothing

The beauty of 2bop clothing is their connection to South African history in the heart of a child. Inspired by games that were popular in South African corner stores, they stock a collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts and snap back caps with interesting visuals. Owner Anthony Smith from 2bop says, “Disadvantaged areas during apartheid South Africa had little to offer in terms of exposure to cutting edge international design or computer technology but the bootleg arcade games that used twenty cent pieces (a 2Bop) to play at the corner shop were a window into what was happening in the outside world”.

Naturally, this means that 2bop has also drawn influences from Japan and North America, due to the origin of many of these graphic designs. They continue to build on this idea of corner store culture, games and playfulness. With their playful designs 2bop continues to grow not only in South Africa, but have also recently spread to Australia as well as worldwide sales through their online store. -

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check out this video featuring 2bop we came across via This Is Africa

Stocktown X South Africa: A road movie - Trailer from Stocktown on Vimeo.



DRCApeParel stands for Divine Righteous Children. Their slogan pretty much sums them up: “ It’s Cool to be Conscious!” Founders, Eric B. Ndelo and Roderick B. Vakala are Congolese Americans who have collaborated with Tony Mercer, an international street culture enthusiast. As a unit they are hoping to intertwine urban aesthetics of street culture while using the principles of Pan Africa as a foundation.“We strive to inspire pride, increase cross-cultural awareness, and disintegrate ethnic boundaries through its clothing commentary and unique perspective on style,” say DRC, who continue to be mindful of the advancements in global urban culture in order to keep their clothing fresh and relevant. -

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Kayobi Clothing

Kayobi is inspired by the Japanese word for “Tuesday” after the designer’s name, Kwabena Oppong Boateng. Kwabena is the name given to the child born on a Tuesday in Akon Tribes of Ghana. Not only did Kayobi sound like the designer’s initials, but Boateng also enjoys Japanese design and art aesthetic. The company has blossomed into a portal for positive reinforcement and imagery of the African story. Says Kwabena, “ Contrary to the imposed label of dark continent stamped on Africa, the continent is actually bursting with life, beauty, and most importantly hope.” Formerly, solely a t-shirt company, whose “Make Fufu, Not War” tees are the most popular, Kayobi has now branched out into also creating bags and iPod cases.  -

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Four years ago, a group of designers took the initiative to provide Kenya with well-designed local t-shirts rather than the few imports that they could find. Bonk now seeks to design unique cuts and styles which they prototype in order to work with local manufactures to produce their shirts with high quality fabrics. “We’ve really had a lot of fun with our designs, with collections that are culturally relevant including old retro Kenyan prints, beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, and honoring Africa’s heroes with uniquely designed interpretations of their characters & what they stood for.” They’ve also continued their designs into canvas and leather bags and continue to explore their production of other high-end accessories. -

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Bonkers in Nairobi!

Bonkers in Nairobi from Bonk on Vimeo.




  1. September 14, 2015  4:20 am by Okeoghene

    All this tees are amazing....
    This people make me proud to countinue the love of making cool and graphic tees oh yea and Sorry my comment is a bit late(by a few years)but you guys should check out

    And you can email me to see some of my over 300 strong designs at

    Cool stuffs...

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    Hello AFRIPOP
    We are looking for cooperations with you
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  3. June 11, 2011  5:20 pm by Bzaah

    Checkout POVO Tshirts from Zimbabwe. -
    This is the concept of the Tshirt designs -

    AfroPOP is really cool!

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    noted! thank you sara!

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    oh my god! we love gold coast trading. shout out to them!

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    You forgot Gold Coast Trading Co.-

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