This week, everybody’s still talking all things Beyonce, from her snazzy pantsula dancers to her homage to South African photographer, Pieter Hugo. Also, Zim dollars are now selling like hot cakes on eBay, according to a new Wall Street Journal report and South African-born photographer Koto Bofolo has a new book on the making of Hermes bags (fashion lovers swoon)…

Who knew, Zim dollars are now a collector’s item, according to the Wall Street Journal.
“The notes are a hot commodity among currency collectors and novelty buyers, fetching 15 times what they were officially worth in circulation…” Read more here.



We can’t stop talking about Beyonce’s pantsula moves in her new video for “Who Run the World (Girls)” and we all want to know who those two African brothers are. MTV spoke to her choreographer, Frank Gatson, about the duo – they’re from a Mozambican group called Tofo Tofo. Even though it’s clear the group is from Moz, notice how the text still refers to them as “from Africa.” That’s like saying, “They’re from North America.” Le sigh. The video still rocks.


South African-born photographer Koto Bofolo was lucky enough to be allowed into the Hermes factory where he shot the production of those famous Birkin bags, from start to finish. Fashion lovers, prepare to swoon. See the sildeshow, here.



You’d have to be really tuned out to not have heard of rape charged brought against IMF ex-president Dominique Strauss-Khan’s last week. From what we know his accuser is a 34-year-old widow from Guinea. US media outlets have chosen not to print her name, while French publications have. What do you think? Should her name become public information? Join the debate, here.



Beyonce’s “Who Run the World (Girls)” video has everyone talking this week. Some accuse Queen Bey of appropriating images from South African photographer Pieter Hugo’s work. Is it homage or stealing? The Guardian weighs in.




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  2. May 23, 2011  1:04 pm by Qalil Little

    Le sigh about the video from Ms. Bebe Carter. No acknowledgement other than from Africa - one monolithic group of people.

    Oh well, now is our time! :-)

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