Last month, the world’s first interactive, multimedia museum dedicated to music of African origin, the Center for Black Music launched in Salvador, Brazil during the nation’s Black Consciousness Awareness Month. Nat Geo’s Evangeline Kim wrote a detailed account of the launch the center’s future plans under the supervision of Brazilian music great Carlinhos Brown:

The Center is to be housed over 1000 square meters in the museum’s complex of building structures. The initiative, the very first black music center worldwide, is a project partnership between the French media company Mondomix and Carlinhos Brown. This partnership is under the Bahian aegis of Mr. Brown’s Associação Pracatum Ação Social (Pracatum Social Action Association), and the Secretary of Culture of the state of Bahia, with support from the Brazilian Ministry of Culture.
With interior architectural designs by architect Pedro Mendes da Rocha, the Black Music Center will include permanent and temporary exhibition spaces, an online research and documentary center, a café, a restaurant and a concert-lecture-workshop space.

Check out the entire piece at Nat Geo Music.


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